Pacesetters – October 27th (Speaker Series) Calvin Butler, CEO, BGE

– November 3rd (Speaker Series)Dr. Daraius Irani, Chief Economist, Regional Economic Studies Institute

– November 11th (Breakouts)

– November 17th (Speaker Series)

 – December 9th (Breakouts)

*All meetings scheduled to be via Zoom for now.
**Breakouts are 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM, Speaker Series are 8:30 AM to 9 AM.


 – Tuesday, January 12th: Roundtables

Pacesetters – Tuesday, February 2nd: Executive Speaking

BMBD – Tuesday, February 16th

Pacesetters – Wednesday, March 10th: Roundtables

Pacesetters – Wednesday, March 24th: Executive Speaking

Pacesetters – Wednesday, April 7th: Roundtables

Pacesetters – Wednesday, April 21st: Executive Speaking

BMBD – Wednesday, May 12th

Pacesetters – Wednesday, May 26th: Executive Speaking

Pacesetters – Tuesday, June 8th: Roundtables

Pacesetters – Tuesday, June 22nd: Executive Speaking

Pacesetters – Wednesday, July 7th: Roundtables

Pacesetters – Wednesday, July 21st: Executive Speaking

Pacesetters – Tuesday, August 10th: Roundtable

BMBD – Tuesday, September 14th

Pacesetters – Tuesday, October 12th: Roundtables

Pacesetters – Tuesday, October 26th: Executive Speaking

Pacesetters – Wednesday, November 10th: Roundtables

Pacesetters – Wednesday, December 8th: Roundtables

Pacesetters – Wednesday, December 15th: Executive Speaking